Hans Tutschku


english: cells - lines

for piano and live-electronics
year: 2007
duration: 19:00 min
studio: Klang Projekte Weimar
first performance: June 09, 2007 by Sebastian Berweck , TU Berlin

commissioned by DAAD Berlin

Zellen-Linien uses my research on prepared piano and live-electronics I undertook over the past years. I wanted to create an "electronically prepared" piano and there are no physical preparations in the instrument. Since 1999 I experimented with real-time analysis of sounds and with possibilities to control the live-electronics through the gesture of the player. A first result was the composition "Das Bleierne Klavier". Many performances of that piece enriched my experience and led finally to this new work.

Performance with Xenia Pestova
Rozsa Center Calgary on June 1st, 2018


Performance with Xenia Pestova
May 16, 2008, McGill University Montréal


Performance with Sebastian Berweck
November 25, 2011, piano+ Festival ZKM Karlsruhe


Performance with Frank Gutschmidt
Festival Tage Neuer Musik Weimar, October 10, 2010


To obtain a printed copy and/or a download link to the score, follow this link to BabelScores


The electronic part is realized as an Max/MSP patch for Max 7, 64 bit

download electronics for Mac – (version august 2019)

technical requirements:

2 microphones (Neumann 184)
8-channel loudspeaker system, sourrounding the public
1 stage monitor
laptop MacBook Pro
soundcard RME Hammerfall + HDSPe Express card
MIDI-sustain pedal
converter sustain-to-MIDI


The signal of both microphones will be used to amplify the piano through speakers 1 and 2. Both microphones are send through Aux 1 and 2 to my sound-card Hammerfall Multiface (symmetrical TRS-connectors).
The 8-channel output of the sound-card (8 symmetrical TRS) will be fed to the console for redistribution over the 8 loudspeakers.

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