Hans Tutschku


english: cells - lines

for piano and live-electronics
year: 2007
duration: 19:00 min.
studio: Klang Projekte Weimar
first performance: June 09, 2007 by Sebastian Berweck , TU Berlin

commissioned by DAAD Berlin

Zellen-Linien uses my research on prepared piano and live-electronics I undertook over the past years. I wanted to create an "electronically prepared" piano and there are no physical preparations in the instrument. Since 1999 I experimented with real-time analysis of sounds and with possibilities to control the live-electronics through the gesture of the player. A first result was the composition "Das Bleierne Klavier". Many performances of that piece enriched my experience and led finally to this new work.

video: Performance with Xenia Pestova
May 16, 2008, McGill University Montréal

video: Performance with Sebastian Berweck
November 25, 2011, piano+ Festival ZKM Karlsruhe

recording with Sebastian Berweck:


To obtain a printed copy and/or a download link to the score, follow this link to BabelScores


The electronic part is realized as an independent application and doesn’t require a Max/MSP installation.

download electronics for Mac intel – version 1.35 (Max 6 application) – march 2015

technical requirements:

2 microphones (Neumann 184)
8-channel loudspeaker system, sourrounding the public
1 stage monitor
laptop MacBook Pro
soundcard RME Hammerfall + HDSPe Express card
MIDI-sustain pedal
converter sustain-to-MIDI


The signal of both microphones will be used to amplify the piano through speakers 1 and 2. Both microphones are send through Aux 1 and 2 to my sound-card Hammerfall Multiface (symmetrical TRS-connectors).
The 8-channel output of the sound-card (8 symmetrical TRS) will be fed to the console for redistribution over the 8 loudspeakers.

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