Hans Tutschku

Das Bleierne Klavier

for piano and live-electronics
year: 1999
duration: 12:00 min
published on CD Musik in Deutschland 1950-2000

The electroacoustic live-treatments of the piano are all controlled by the pianist himself. During his playing the musical gestures are traced and interpreted by the computer program to determine a large ensemble of parameters for the generation and playback of the electroacoustic part. This allows for a very direct "action - reaction" between the piano part and the electroacoustic sounds. The electronics become a prolongation of the instrumental gestures. The energy of the instrumentalist is causing decision-making in the electroacoustic part (which never will play exactly the same way) and is controlling equally the sound spatialization around the public.

January 15, 2005

Harvard University, John Knowles Paine Hall, piano : H.T.


January 13 2010

The Winnipeg Art Gallery, piano : H.T.

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