Hans Tutschku

Der unsichtbare Hörturm

english: the invisible bell tower

open air sound installation
year: 1996

Bells are special acoustical signals to call our attention. Religious events, fire, mourning, celebrations are some of those occasions.
The sound installation plays bell recordings at specific times of the day, each time a different one. They are symbols for the specific sound of a place.
Over the past 25 years I recorded very diverse bells in many cultures. The sound installation proposes an acoustical bridge to those foreign places and a reflection on our environment and cultural identity.


Uni Turm Jena – Imaginata – 1996
10.Tage Neuer Musik in Weimar – Schlossturm – 1999
Chateaux de Montbéliard – 2001
Tempo Reale – Florence – 2004
Radcliffe Quadrangle – Cambridge – 2004
Eglise Gesù Montréal – 2009
Lutherkirche Köln – 2014


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