Hans Tutschku

Einst mit dir

for soprano, clarinet, violin and live-electronics
year: 2007
duration: 13:00 min
studio: Harvard University
first performance: December 17, 2007 , Sanders Theatre, Cambridge MA

upon the poem 'Fenster wo ich einst mit dir' by Stefan George

Poetry has been a source of inspiration since I started writing music. For many years I have been composing pieces of very different types, ranging from chamber opera to pure electro-acoustic pieces, upon texts by Georg Trakl and Karl Lubomirski. The poem Fenster wo ich einst mit dir by Stefan George evoked a strong resonance and inspired me to express in music the feelings and thoughts one experiences after losing a person with whom one was very close. Deception, anger, restlessness and finally a kind of positive calm went into this piece.

concert recording with

Jennifer Ashe – sorpano
Gabby Diaz – violin
Michael Norsworthy – clarinet






Stefan George
Fenster wo ich einst mit dir
Abends in die landschaft sah
Sind nun hell mit fremdem licht.


Pfad noch läuft vom tor wo du
Standest ohne umzuschaun
Dann ins tal hinunterbogst.


Bei der kehr warf nochmals auf
Mond dein bleiches angesicht ..
Doch es war zu spät zum ruf.


Dunkel – schweigen – starre luft

Sinkt wie damals um das haus.
Alle freude nahmst du mit.

Windows where I once with you
Watched the countryside by dusk
Are now full of alien light.


Still the path runs to the gate
Where you stood and did not turn.
Then you walked on down the hill.


At the turn the moon once more
Threw its light on your pale face…
But it was too late to call.


Darkness – silence – chilling air
Sinks as then around the house.
All my joy you took with you.

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