Hans Tutschku


english: deracinated

for six singers and electronics
year: 2012
duration: 16:00 min
studio: Harvard University
dedicated to Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
first performance: December 12, 2012 by Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart , Theaterhaus Stuttgart

Entwurzelt searches for meaningful expressions in a language we don’t know and reflects my interest in drama. The tight relationship between the live passages and the electronics creates a sound world, drawing us curiously into the discovery of its sense. The composition is not based on an existing text, rather an invented dialogue with hints to different idioms. The electronics are used to extend the vocal expressions of the live singers, to build harmony and complex sound textures, but they also serve at times as an element of surprise.

video: Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, December 12, 2012, Theaterhaus Stuttgart


simulation of electronics:

This video shows a simulation of the iOS application. At each event in the score, the touch button must be shortly depressed
to start the next sound sequence synchronous with the singers.




This composition uses an iPad to play back the prepared sounds. Its mini jack output is connected to two small, high-quality loudspeakers, placed on the floor in front of the singers. Depending on the hall acoustics, these speakers should be angled slightly outwards to enhance the stereo image.

There is no need for microphones nor additional loudspeakers in the concert hall.

One of the singers has the iOS device on his music stand and controls the electronics without the need of a technician or assistant.


The speakers on the floor should be angled by approximately 45 degrees so that the sound is not pointed directly to the audience but rather first bounces off reflective surfaces in the hall and therefore mixes more naturally with the sound of the singers. It should not give the impression that the sounds are coming straight out of the speakers and a hight degree of sonic fusion with the live singers should be obtained.


Mayer UPJ speakers are a good choice.


In smaller venues, these Fostex 6301B Monitors have been proven to be a good solution.


The mini-jack output of the iOS device is connected to the Fostex
monitors with a cable TRS 1/8 inch – TRS 1/4 inch.




The installation and use of the iOS application and MIDI pedal



summary of technical requirements

• iPhone/iPod touch or iPad device
• two small, high quality active monitors
• one cable to connect the output of the iOS device to the speakers
• electricity for the powered monitors

alternative loudspeakers

Genelec 1029A

Instead of the Fostex speakers, other small high-quality near-field monitors can be used.
Using small computer or gaming speakers is not recommended as they are unable to reproduce the required sound quality.




download application entwurzelt from the iTunes AppStore



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