Hans Tutschku

Epexergasia-Neun Bilder

4-channel electroacoustic composition
year: 2000
duration: 12:03 min
dedicated to Beatriz Ferreyra
published on CD "2000 IMEB Bourges"

commissioned by IMEB Bourges

"Epexergasia - Neun Bilder' describes the disappearance and dissolution of human voice. The composition is divided into nine sections, some of which are clearly distinguishable from one another and others gradually merge.

The raw material comes from singing and vocalizations of different cultures and some Greek fragments of speech. The nine images are contrasting energy relationships between voice and sounds of civilization on the one hand and between appearance and desintegration of the human voice on the other.





The audio files are available as mono files (44.1 kHz, 16 bit)
Refer to this picture for channel assignments


To download the individual channels, right-click each link and “save as”



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