Hans Tutschku

Flammenklang Meiningen

16 hot air balloon engines , dancers, choir, ensemble and electronics
year: 1996
duration: 60:00 min
first performance: May 11, 1996

FLAMENKLANG MEININGEN (1996) for 16 hot air balloon engines, dancers, chorus, ensemble and tape has been one of the most elaborate creations so far. The various configurations of feet-high flames corresponded directly with the musical events.
The original sounds of the 16 hot-air balloon burners and their sound transformations were used in a meticulously defined choreography. The interplay of flames, artificial light, dance and experimental choral singing was in dialogue with the Ensemble for Intuitive Musik Weimar.
The flames - as fireballs, wild red torches or rhythmically pulsing visual accents where shooting into the sky and drew the attention. Their colors were ranging from bright blue to orange, depending on the amount of injected oxygen. The hissing grew louder, and the "Experimental Choir" fell into excited vocal expressions. The show culminated in a long gush from all 16 flames. After their silence only small bright points of hundreds of torches remained.



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