Hans Tutschku

Freibrief für einen Traum

english: Carte blanche for a dream

for soprano, flute, cello, percussion and electronics
year: 1995
duration: 12:30 min
studio: IRCAM, Paris
first performance: January 13, 1996 , IRCAM, Paris

based upon the poem 'Es wird später' by Karl Lubomirski

Freibrief für einen Traum is the result of a longer collaboration with four French musicians (Donatienne Michel-Dansac - soprano, Catherine Bowie - flute, Antoine Ladrette - cello, Jean Geoffroy - percussion). First I composed 25 short melodies (gestures) and fife longer sequences which were recorded. In addition the soprano sung four voices of a counterpoint on the text 'Es wird später'. This recording material was then treated in the IRCAM studios to compose a 8-channel-tape. There are four speakers around the public and four on stage beside each musician. The compositional structure is entirely based upon the number 5. There are 5 parts, each subdivided in again 5 subparts. The harmonic material is based on 5 chords with 5 notes from which the 25 gestures also were derived.

concert recording with

Donatienne Michel-Dansac – soprano
Catherine Bowie – flute
Antoine Ladrette – cello
Jean Geoffroy – percussion
Pierre-André Valade – conductor





flute part

cello part

percussion part

(the soprano sings from the score)



Max/MSP stand-alone application for the electronics (Macintosh)

Karl Lubomirski –


Screenshot 2015-03-14 22.44.14

Screenshot 2015-03-14 22.45.19

(Traduction: Jacques Legrand)
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