Hans Tutschku

Hydra Spring 2020 – virtual concert



The spring Hydra concert 2020 will be held online through Zoom.
Wednesday May 6, 2020, 3 p.m. (Cambridge, MA, Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

We will stream the works on www.mixlr.com/huseac
(you don’t need to login or sign up in order to listen to the broadcast)

If your internet connection does not allow for high quality streaming, you will find the
compositions in their concert order here on May 6th.

Elena Rykova – Asymptotic Freedom I


Sedona Farber – Washed Away


Hanh Nguyen- Interlace


Ashwin Krishna – “Divine” Intervention


Daniel Park – Precipitation


James Caven – Lithosphere


Kira Schott – Young to the Wild


Evan Vietorisz – The Traipser


Samuel Rosner – Nice 07/2016


JuHye Mun – Systole Frensetic


Wildman Schubert Reed – Suffolk


Hans Tutschku – Remembering Japan – part 1



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