Hans Tutschku


english: mazes

for two pianos and live-electronics
year: 2010
duration: 24:00 min
studio: Harvard University and EMPAC
dedicated to Jacopo Baboni Schilingi
first performance: January 21, 2011 by Jennifer Hymer and Bernhard Fograscher , Klub Katarakt Festival - Hamburg

The composition is about memory and could be compared to a walk through different mazes (Irrgärten).
Both pianos constantly play very similar material and build up very energetic dialogues and at times a common voice.
The piece is structured in sections of contrast. Little by little, excerpts of later sections are appearing like foreshadows. While the composition progresses, certain sections of earlier material are partially or entirely repeated - though, the electronics are different for those repeated piano parts.
While walking through the maze one tries to get a picture of the path: certain places look similar, but they are different in reality - one gets trapped.
The electronics are realized with two iPhones or two iPods (4th generation), one for each pianist.
The built-in microphone is used to detect piano notes and to synchronize the electronic sounds to the live part.


performance with Thomas Feng and Brian Daurelle on November 1st, 2017

recording of first performance with Jennifer Hymer and Bernhard Fograscher





download app Irrgaertenone for piano 1


download app Irrgaertentwo for piano 2


New setup for electronics (2017)


Download the PDF file .

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