Hans Tutschku

Migration pétrée

8-channel electroacoustic composition
year: 2001
duration: 13:35 min
studio: GRM Paris
dedicated to Herbert Velasquez
first performance: June 01, 2001 , Cycle Acousmatique Son-Mu of GRM, Maison de la Radio France Paris
published on CD migration, CD Computer Music Journal 2003

commissioned by the French Culture Ministry and Ina-GRM

Two images were the starting point for Migration pétrée: flying stone swarms and birds in cages. Both metaphors are used as models for development of energy and intensity. All sounds are derived from stone and bird sounds, but are just barely recognizable. We encounter the energy of pebbles on the beach, under the pressure of walking feet; from the little noises of stones moved in the hand; from the incredibly intense sounds of stones breaking and even from stones placed inside a piano. The latter are used to create tonal and harmonic sound structures. The stone sounds encounter the energy of thousands of birds in cages, recorded at the marketplace in Porto. The strong impression of their living energy stands in great contrast to the fact that they can't fly away.



The audio files are available as mono files (44.1 kHz, 16 bit)
Refer to this picture for channel assignments


To download the individual channels, right-click each link and “save as”



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