Hans Tutschku


for violoncello, bass clarinet, percussion and electronics
year: 1994
duration: 15:00 min
studio: Klang Projekte Weimar
first performance: January 25, 1994 by Taco Kooistra, Harry Sparnaay and Peppie Wiersma , Amsterdam

based on poems by Georg Trakl

The composition NACHTS ("In the night") is based upon texts by the Austrian poet Georg Trakl (1887-1914). Trakl describes an emotional world to which I feel particularly drawn. The theme is about downfall and hope. I try to create a sound-scape which corresponds to the text. It is not my intention to illustrate or "set" the text, although I do use speech as a sound source. For the tape, two sound-groups are used: 1. Sounds of the original instruments (violoncello, bass clarinet, percussion). 2. Recordings of the texts of Trakl These sonic domains variously fuse and separate from one another, slowly, continuously rotate around the listener. Each instrumental part of the tape is composed of 4 musical layers whose pitch material derives from three 4-note chords; together these create the 12 tone scale.  

concert recording with

Taco Kooistra – vc, Harry Sparnaay – bcl, Peppie Wiersma – perc


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