Hans Tutschku

percussion forest

for 16 computerized percussion mallets and 24 loudspeakers
year: 2018
duration: 25:00 min
studio: Harvard University Studios for Electroacoustic Composition
first presentation: May 06, 2018 , John Knowless Pain Concert Hall, Harvard University

'percussion-forest’ is a slow evolving dialogue between computerized percussion mallets playing acoustic instruments and 24 loudspeakers. The sounds from the speakers are all based on percussive sources and change their qualities, while the sounds from the acoustic instruments remain stable.
Without mallet changes and little variation in dynamics the ‘performed’ musical lines turn into a machine-like world, while the electronic sounds borrow shapes of human performance.
This work can be presented as a concert performance, as well as a public sound installation, where the audience moves through the space.


8-minute ‘trailer-montage’ of the work


full recording

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