Hans Tutschku

periods of existence

for ten instruments
année: 2016
durée: 17:30 min
création: 30. 10. 2016 par oh ton ensemble under Christof Löser , Schloss Oldenburg

In memory of my grandfather Walther Scheidig

periods of existence is about mobility and constantly changing colors in a quite static framework of repetitions, like panels of painted glass. The work is composed from a constraint set of elements which combine and re-combine over the course of the piece; and with strong local contrasts between mobility and stasis, as well as synchronicity vs. temporal offsets.
The elements undergo slight variations but defend their existence to prevent too much evolution.

C flute / piccolo
bass clarinet
alto saxophone
trumpet in B
double bass
3 tom tom
1 bass drum
1 Tam tam

recording of first performance

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