Hans Tutschku


violoncello and 8-channel live-electronics
année: 2015
durée: 18 min
studio: Harvard University
dédié à Séverine Ballon
création: 26. 09. 2015 par Séverine Ballon , Festival Kontakte, Academy of Arts, Berlin

Since 2012 I had multiple work periods with the French cellist Séverine Ballon who inspired me immediately with her sense for sounds and her curious experimentations.
pressure-divided is the result of our meetings, where we improvised, recorded a rich spectrum of sounds and experimented with relationships between instrumental gesture and live electronics.
The work expresses changing mental states in which we find ourselves when under pressure and a variety of influences, while trying to pursue our own ideas and goals.
The desire to perceive a clear manageable structure gets repeatedly interrupted by contrasting elements. In the second half of the work develops a fragile pursuit of simpler musical phrases and longer time spans.
The title also refers to the opposing protagonists instrument and electronics, as well as the formal structure of the composition.

Répétition avec Séverine Ballon ZKM Karlsruhe, November 2017





L’éléctronique est un patch Max/MSP (Max 7, 64 bit)

download pour Mac – (version august 2019)

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