Hans Tutschku


english: rituals

32-channel electroacoustic composition for wave field synthesis (WFS)
year: 2004
duration: 15:06 min
studio: Klang-Projekte-Weimar
first performance: September 17, 2004 , "Linden Lichtspiele" Ilmenau

WFS system by Fraunhofer-Institut for Digital Mediatechnology IDMT

Rituale works with recordings of human voices and instrumental sounds from different cultures and melts them into a sound ritual. This work is an offspring from my compositions "Rojo" and "object-obstacle", which equally deal with ritualistic subjects.
Rituale uses the extraordinary possibilities to place and move sound sources within a wave field. As the location of sources within the audience space becomes available, the sounding entities are approaching the listener in a physical way. Each of the 32 channels represent a sound stream with individual movement patterns.
The first version was tailored towards the WFS system in the Ilmenau cinema "Linden Lichtspiele". Subsequent adaptions have been realized for the WFS systems at the Technische Universität Berlin and the Hochschule für Musik in Hamburg.

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