Hans Tutschku


for oboe and live-electronics
year: 2007
duration: 11:20 min
studio: Klang Projekte Weimar
first performance: July 07, 2007 by Christian Schmitt , festival "Nuie bleue" Besançon (France)

commissioned by Ecole Nationale de Music du Pays de Montbéliard (France)

Shore is a dialogue between the solo oboe and subtle electroacoustic treatments. Each of the three sections of the piece explores different relationships between the instrument and the electronics.

studio recording with Christian Schmitt


performance by Caitlin Broms-Jacobs, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, January 13, 2010



download electronics for Mac Intel (version 1.17, march 2013)


for rehearsals: tape of part 2 (stereofile 16 bit, 44.1 kHz)


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