Hans Tutschku


8-channel electroacoustic composition
year: 2004
duration: 13:55 min
studio: Klang Projekte Weimar
first performance: October 08, 2009 , Festival Audiovisionen Cologne

Similis is the last composition of a series of three, all dealing with the idea of ritual, but without copying an existing one.

All three compositions play with the thought of the simultaneousness of very different sound phenomena, which celebrate together an imaginary ceremony. In the composition 'rojo', the source sounds were recordings and sounding memories - mainly voices - of different journeys of the last years. In 'object-obstacle' the sounds came mainly from self-made resonators, recorded with contact microphones.

Similis connects now these two opposite sound worlds, the voice-human-like and the technical-instrument-like into an interaction of contrasts.

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