Hans Tutschku


radio play - stereo
year: 2019
duration: 8:30 min
first presentation: April 05, 2019 , Bauhaus Museum Weimar

Hommage à Kandinsky

The radio play for the Bauhaus Museum Weimar is an imaginary sound journey into Weimar's ambience 100 years ago. What did it sound like at a time when art and industry met - when existing demarcations were dissolved to create new spaces of creativity - as artists and craftsmen of various origins and with very individual concepts and visions created a new world?
Let us take you on a short, fictitious trip to these years.

Two citations by Kandinsky were used:

"The recognition of the external can only become a door to the future when this recognition builds a bridge to the interior."
( from article 'und', 1929)

"Often I was stimulated by sounds: music - Wagner, Beethoven, Bach. Or noises: a falling board, murmuring water. Thus organized and unorganized sounds - impressions through the ear."
(from Responses to a questionnaire by Paul Plaut , 1929)

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