Hans Tutschku


for flute, oboe, clarinet, two violins, viola, violoncello, percussion, piano and electronics
year: 2013
duration: 14:40 min
studio: Harvard University
dedicated to my sister Ute
first performance: October 22, 2013 by l'Ensemble les Amies , Electronic Musik Week Shanghai

Under depicts the unseen forces below the surface of a living organism: the surface of the earth, the skin of a human or the apparently quiet mirror of a lake at night.
Piano and percussion are the two outer communicating forces and closely linked with the electronic sounds. Wind and string instruments are alternating between short melodic fragments and sonic textures. Recurring themes build a slow evolving, but non-linear narrative.

under_concert1Photo by Beowulf Sheehan


Talea Ensemble, James Baker: conductor, Roulette New York, 26 september 2014





The electronics exist in two versions, either using a Macintosh Computer or an iPad.


There are several options to perform the electronic part.

  • the pianist operates a foot pedal with his left foot to trigger the sequences
  • the conductor operates a foot pedal to trigger the sequences
  • an additional musician, seated between piano and percussion operates the computer
  • an additional musician operates an iPad


The output of either the Macintosh MacBook or the iPad are connected to two loudspeakers, positioned on the floor in front of the piano and the percussion set-up.


Macintosh Computer:


Use the Max/MSP stand-alone application. No Max/MSP authorization is necessary. The application contains all soundfiles. The sound output of the Macintosh can be directly connected to the two loudspeakers on stage without a mixing board.


download electronics for Mac intel (version 13 – september 2014)


Download the zip archive and unzip it. The folder contains the program, the required soundfiles and program files.


After launching the program, go throught the preparation steps on the left side of the window.


Pressing the [SPACE]-bar on the computer or pressing a MIDI-pedal will start the individual soundfiles. The moments when the soundfiles
sould be triggered are marked in the score and in the piano part.



The installation and use of the iOS application and MIDI pedal


download application under from the iTunes AppStore


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