Hans Tutschku

unreal memories

outdoor sound installation for the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts
Jahr: 2012
Erste Präsentation: 04. 12. 2012
till May 29 2013
daily 11:02 a.m., 1:02 p.m., 5:02 p.m.

Specially conceived for the rooftop of the Carpenter Center of the Visual Arts in celebration of the
50th anniversary of the building, Unreal Memories is composed of transformed voices of many different cultures. Original recordings served as models for computer transformations to create an imaginary intercultural journey, where voices from elsewhere come together. They call us, they celebrate, they open a short sonic window into our busy everyday lives.

In a note on February 2, 1960, Le Corbusier imagined for the building:

"Electric ringing sounds will be composed and emitted once, twice, three times a day, at fixed times, emission of a formidable nature of softness and of power."

When I read those notes, I imagined that the addition of sounding elements to the building would enhance our awareness of passed times and our relationship to other cultures. It was not my intention to create a historic realization of Le Corbusier's exact intentions. I took the idea as a springboard for my own artistic dreams. Particularly in light of the Harvard Art Museum construction site next door, I did not want to pick up on the idea of "formidable power" to compete with jackhammers. The softness of the voices will hopefully turn the site, for three short moments daily, into a place of imagined harmony.

HUSEAC Technical Director Seth Torres and VES Exhibitions Manager Edward Lloyd
installing the speakers on the roof of the Carpenter Center. As the installation was presented throughout the winter, snow protecting housings for the speakers were custom built.

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