Hans Tutschku

Vibrations décomposées

4-channel electroacoustic composition
year: 2002
duration: 5:30 min
studio: Klang Projekte Weimar

This short composition is a birthday gift to François Bayle's 70th anniversary. It has strong links to his work 'Vibration composées' from 1974. Short extracts from the rosaces section were reused and fused with my own sound world. The result is a lively panorama of vibrations in independent layers which communicate and make a bridge over about 30 years.

section 1 0:00
section 2 1:18
section 3 1:36
section 4 2:48
section 5 3:07
section 6 3:34
section 7 3:49
section 8 4:07
section 9 4:34
section 10 4:47




The audio files are available as mono files (44.1 kHz, 16 bit)
Refer to this picture for channel assignments


To download the individual channels, right-click each link and “save as”



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