Hans Tutschku

virtual bodies

for piano and live-electronics
year: 2017
duration: 13:30 min
studio: Harvard University Studios for Electroacoustic Composition
first performance: March 27, 2018 by H.T. , Keller Hall, University of New Mexico

The relationship between instruments and electronics has occupied my work for the past 35 years. The piano always played a unique role as it was my first instrument: 'Das Bleierne Klavier,' 'Zellen-Linien,' 'Shadow of bells' and 'Irrgaerten' are large-scale compositions, all putting a magnifying glass on specific compositional aspects.
'virtual bodies' is based on an improvised piano part and a set of possibilities to treat sound and time in the electronics. Real and virtual sonorities enter into a dialogue where clear lines are blurred, and definitions of action/reaction redesigned throughout the piece. The electronics part does not contain pre-established layers but is entirely created in real-time, aiming for memory connections within the work and a rich polyphony.

Performance on May 11, 2019, Harvard University

Premiere at UNM, Albuquerque on March 27, 2018

(listen with headphones if possible)

technical requirements:

2 microphones (e.g.Neumann 184)
8-channel loudspeaker system, sourrounding the public
laptop MacBook Pro
soundcard RME Fireface
2 MIDI-sustain pedals
2 MIDI-expression pedals
1 MIDI Expression converter sustain-to-MIDI

The piece can be performed with a sound card only (without a mixer).
In that case the sound card provides phantom power to the microphones and
connects directly to the 8 loudspeakers.


explanation of live treatments

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