Hans Tutschku


soprano and electronics
year: 2016
duration: 16:00 min
studio: Harvard University Studios for Electroacoustic Composition
dedicated to Tony Arnold
first performance: December 15, 2016 by Tony Arnold , Hydra concert, John Knowless Paine Hall, Harvard University

This solo work for soprano and electronics explores sonorities of different languages in dialogue with sound transformations.
The composition is based on 'entwurzelt', a work for six singers and electronics from 2012 and searches for meaningful expressions in a language we don’t know.
Musical shapes develop as dramatic expressions, a guiding principle in many of my recent works. The syllables are drawn from many sources and ordered by sound qualities, rather by semantic structures. The tight relationship between the soprano and the electronics invites us to imagine its sense.
The electronics are used to extend the vocal expressions of the soprano, to build harmony and complex sound textures, and at times serve as an element of surprise.

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