Hans Tutschku


english: winter night

for piano, percussion and live-electronics
year: 2006
duration: 13:00 min
studio: Klang Projekte Weimar
first performance: October 26, 2006 by Florian Hoelscher (piano), Martin Homann (percussion) , Festival '19. Tage Neuer Musik in Weimar'
published on CD CIMESP 2009, CD ICMC 2009

Winternacht makes reference to several poems by Georg Trakl. His poetry has been a source of inspiration for many chamber music and electroacoustic compositions in the past years. For this composition, I choose texts which refer to his childhood. But, those poems and letters don't come to the surface of my piece. We hear dialogs of the two musicians, which are taken and transformed by the electronics.

The electroacoustic sounds are a mixture of live treatments of piano and percussion sequences and prepared soundfiles. The electroacoustic part is the prolongation of gestures of the instrumentalists. Their live playing energy is traced by the computer to decide many parameters of the electroacoustic part.

performance with Seda Roeder (piano) and Sam Solomon (percussion)

December 11, 2009, Harvard University, John Knowless Paine Concert Hall

concert recording

Florian Hoelscher – piano, Martin Homann – percussion

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