Hans Tutschku

Zwei Räume

français: deux espaces

composition électroacoustique en 24 pistes
année: 2008
durée: 21:00 min
studio: Harvard University
dédié à Folkmar Hein
création: 03. 08. 2008 , Festival Inventionen, Technische Universität Berlin
publié sur DVD 30 Jahre Inventionen

Space is a central aspect of my electroacoustic works. With the given technological means I explore possibilities to project the illusion of experienced, imaginary, and changing sound spaces over loudspeakers.

Zwei Räume is based on many dualities. Certainly, the separation of direct sound sources, played back over loudspeakers near to the public and their room reflections and reverb, diffused over more distant speakers, will be very noticeable.
But, other contrasts as well played a form-giving role during the composition process: solo voices with clear movement patterns in the room contrast with more orchestral textures, which fill the entire hall; densities and pitch spaces, as well as temporal proportions are used in contrasting dualities.

The encapsulating space expands over the boundaries of the physical concert hall; the inner space develops a strong presence for individual sound objects.

Zwei Räume has been composed for the wave field synthesis system at the Technical University Berlin and the GRM Acousmonium, which was installed during the Inventionen Festival 2008.

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